Twins vs. Orioles Player Props Today: Willi Castro

Twins vs. Orioles Player Props Today: Willi Castro

Willi Castro is a versatile infielder who can play all over the diamond. He's batting .249 with eight doubles, five home runs, and 25 RBIs this season. Castro has been on a bit of a hot streak lately, hitting .387 with an OPS of .874 in his last 10 games.

Here are some player props for Castro in today's game against the Orioles:

  • Willi Castro to Record a Hit: +110
  • Willi Castro to Hit a Home Run: +350
  • Willi Castro to Record an RBI: +150
  • Willi Castro to Score a Run: +120

Castro has a good chance of recording a hit in today's game. He's hitting .292 against left-handed pitching this season, and the Orioles' starting pitcher, Jordan Lyles, is a left-hander. Castro has also hit two home runs in his last three games against the Orioles.

The odds for Castro to hit a home run are a bit longer, but he's shown the power to do it. He has five home runs on the season, and he's hit one in each of his last two games against the Orioles.

Castro is also a good bet to record an RBI or score a run in today's game. He's driven in 25 runs this season, and he's scored 31 runs. The Twins are favored to win today's game, so Castro should have plenty of opportunities to contribute offensively.

Overall, Castro is a good value bet for player props in today's game. He's hitting well, and he's facing a pitcher that he's had success against in the past. If you're looking for some player props to bet on, Castro is a good option.

Other Player Props to Consider

In addition to Castro, there are a few other player props that are worth considering for today's game. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Jorge Polanco to Record a Hit: +100
  • Byron Buxton to Hit a Home Run: +200
  • Luis Arraez to Record an RBI: +120
  • Trey Mancini to Score a Run: +110

Polanco is one of the Twins' best hitters, and he's hitting .286 with 10 home runs and 36 RBIs this season. Buxton is one of the most feared power hitters in baseball, and he's hit 16 home runs this season. Arraez is a consistent hitter who has a knack for getting on base, and he's driven in 34 runs this season. Mancini is a dangerous hitter who has hit 12 home runs this season, and he's scored 37 runs.

These are just a few of the player props that are worth considering for today's game. Do your own research and decide which props you think have the best chance of hitting.