Former NFL star turned boxer knocked out again

Greg Hardy, the former NFL star who turned to boxing, was knocked out again on Friday night.

Former NFL star turned boxer knocked out again
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Hardy was fighting for the Dallas Enforcers of the Team Combat League against Joe Gomez. The fight was scheduled for three rounds of two minutes each.

Hardy started the fight strong, landing several punches and knocking Gomez down in the first round. However, Gomez came back strong in the second round, landing a series of punches that knocked Hardy down.

Hardy got up from the knockdown, but he was clearly hurt. Gomez continued to press the attack, and he eventually knocked Hardy out with a left hook in the third round.

The loss is Hardy's third in his last four fights. He is now 3-4-1 as a professional boxer.

Hardy's boxing career has been a disappointment. He was a dominant defensive end in the NFL, but he has not been able to translate his success to the boxing ring.

Hardy's future in boxing is uncertain. He is still under contract with the Dallas Enforcers, but it is unclear if he will continue to fight.

If Hardy does decide to continue his boxing career, he will need to make some major changes. He needs to improve his defense and his conditioning. He also needs to find a way to deal with the pressure of fighting.

Hardy is a talented athlete, but he has not been able to find success in boxing. He needs to make some major changes if he wants to become a successful professional boxer.