'Ahsoka' Trailer Breakdown: An Heir to the Empire Rises

The Togruta Jedi prepares to save the galaxy from a threat that could mean the fall of everything.

Celebrity Wars Party Europe gets on and also currently delivering the goods with the very first appropriate intro trailer for Ahsoka. Our favored Togruta Jedi is back, and this time Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) is preparing to save the galaxy from a threat that can very well mean the loss of every little thing the Original Trilogy heroes battled so tough to develop. So, without additional trouble, let's jump in and also see what lags every bit of this teaser, shall we?

Ahsoka as well as the Jedi

As it's recognized, Ahsoka Tano in fact left the Jedi Order in its waning years, a sufferer of a conspiracy depicted in The Clone Wars animated collection. So her true condition currently is an enigma, as she was never ever appropriately knighted as well as never ever rose above the ranking of Padawan. However we have actually seen her nevertheless that in Celebrity Wars Rebels, The Mandalorian, and also in The Book of Boba Fett, and also she seems working with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), so it's safe to assume she can be called a Jedi again.

In the trailer, she's straying the damages of what seems to be an old temple, perhaps even an old Jedi building. As she claims, the Jedi dropped a long time back, so all knowledge about them should be accounted for and safeguarded. She can additionally be seeking leads concerning the World Between Worlds, a nexus of the Force that permits one to relocate via the blurred lines of time as well as space. She saw it in Rebels, and now we see her fighting Ray Stevenson's personality in an area aesthetically comparable to this world, meaning she most likely managed to go back.

A familiar Jedi face we see is Huyang (David Tennant), although we do not understand if he's talking to Ahsoka or to another person. He was the lightsaber smith for the old Jedi Order, whom we fulfilled back in The Clone Battles, and also trained countless generations of Jedi in the arts of crafting their tools, even the similarity Yoda (Frank Oz) as well as Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson).

The 'Rebels' Crew Is Back

Seeing the Rebels personalities in live-action was an old desire for followers, as well as now it's finally happening. The teaser shows Natasha Liu Bordizzo replacing voice actor Tiya Sircar as Mandalorian warrior and artist Sabine Wren, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead taking control of the function of ace pilot and Rebel basic Hera Syndulla from Vanessa Marshall. We are likewise going to get a live-action version of Jedi Ezra Bridger, who was articulated by Taylor Grey and will currently be played by Eman Esfandi. And, naturally, we also see android C1-10P, that passes "Chopper," a professional who, in spite of his short temper, has a heart (or a core?) of gold.

There are 2 members of the Rebels crew that weren't received the intro, though: Lasat muscle-turned-pilot Zeb Orrelios (Steve Blum) and also young Jacen Syndulla, Hera's kid with her old enthusiast, Jedi Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.). It's currently unidentified if we'll see those 2, however Zeb being a New Republic pilot now suggests even the opportunity of a cameo by Captain Carson Teva (Paul Sung-hyung Lee), so fingers crossed!

Ray Stevenson as well as Ivanna Sakhno

Seeing video clips with the subtitles on can be actually valuable. Thanks to this, we know that Ray Stevenson's personality is called Baylan, that appears to be what Legends tradition would specify as a Dark Jedi-- a Dark Side wielder who's not always a Sith, yet not a Jedi anymore, also. Stevenson is a popular star, as well as seeing him in Celebrity Wars is terrific.

Baylan could be an adaptation of Joruus C'Baoth, a Dark Jedi from the Successor to the Empire trilogy of novels by Timothy Zahn. In that story, he was an ally of none aside from Grand Admiral Thrawn himself, that dreamed of courting Luke Skywalker as a pupil and dominated ancient cloning technology, going so far as even creating a duplicate of the Jedi Master, strangely called Luuke Skywalker. Actually. If you're attaching the dots, duplicating modern technology has actually been a recurring subject throughout Celebrity Wars, both in The Mandalorian and in the computer animated collection The Negative Batch-- the last also recreating an important Heir to the Empire area, the Mount Tantiss facility in the world Weyland. You see where this is going, right?

Regrettably, Ivanna Sakhno's personality's name had not been received the subtitles, but she seems Baylan's pupil, wielding a red lightsaber comparable to the one made use of by the Inquisitorius of old. She's quick, as well as knowledgeable, and blonde ... so allow's hope she's not an adjustment of Luuke, right? That would certainly be weird. Yet likewise a little cool. We're conflicted.

Thrawn as well as Morgan Elsbeth

We just see Grand Admiral Thrawn from behind, and could not construct that is playing him, however. If the Force heard us, it will certainly be by his voice star in Rebels, Lars Mikkelsen, yet let's maintain an open mind about this. The Imperial warlord has enormous respect for the late-but-not-really Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), so his performing the efforts to bring back the Empire as well as to collect cloning innovation makes full sense.

In live-action, Thrawn's name was first mentioned by Ahsoka in her launching episode of The Mandalorian Period 2, "The Jedi." She was battling Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto), who shackled the world of Corvus and also the city of Calodan, possibly splitting natural deposits to Thrawn's Seventh Fleet. We see Elsbeth once more in the teaser for Ahsoka, indicating she will certainly be back, and currently knowing more regarding Ahsoka Tano and her allies, like Hullabaloo Djarin (Pedro Pascal) as well as Grogu. The droids she made use of on Calodan are once again seen in the teaser dealing with Ahsoka, birthing the sigil for the Seventh Fleet in their heads. In the intro, Elsbeth shows up in the very same room as Thrawn, but in different moments. She's an original character, however her function could be similar to that of Captain Pellaeon, Thrawn's right-hand man in the Beneficiary to the Empire stories. Pellaeon was name-checked in Rebels, but that does not imply he will always have a duty of his own in Ahsoka.