Top 10 High School Football Plays of Weeks (1-2) 2022 Season

The 2022 high school football season is off to a great start, with plenty of exciting plays already being made. Here are the top 10 plays from Weeks 1-2:

The first two weeks of the 2022 high school football season were full of exciting plays. Here are the top 10 plays from those two weeks:

  1. Aquarius Robertson, West Side High School (South Carolina), 75-yard touchdown run
  2. Mark Isley, Milton High School (Georgia), 80-yard touchdown run
  3. Antonio Hall, Nolan Catholic High School (Texas), 65-yard touchdown reception
  4. Corey Huff, Central High School (Missouri), 65-yard interception return for touchdown
  5. Joey Bryant, Central High School (Missouri), 60-yard touchdown run
  6. Jacoby Yates, San Angelo Central High School (Texas), 50-yard interception return for touchdown
  7. Connor Steli, St. Thomas More High School (Louisiana), 45-yard touchdown reception
  8. Nolan Phillips, Alabama High School, 40-yard pick-six
  9. Jared Esplan, Viewmont High School (Utah), 35-yard touchdown reception
  10. Liam Doneger, Grafton High School (Massachusetts), 30-yard touchdown reception

These plays were all amazing displays of athleticism, skill, and teamwork. They are a great reminder of the excitement and passion of high school football.