Steve Robinson vs Franklin Ignatius: Live Wasserman Boxing Updates and Results

Steve Robinson vs Franklin Ignatius: Live Wasserman Boxing Updates and Results

The highly anticipated match between Steve Robinson and Franklin Ignatius is finally here! The two boxers will face off in a head-to-head showdown at the 2:00 PM ET tee time on July 15, 2023.

Steve Robinson and Franklin Ignatius are two of the most exciting up-and-coming boxers in the world. Robinson is a former world champion, while Ignatius is a rising star. Both boxers are known for their aggressive styles and their knockout power.

The match is being held at the Wasserman Boxing Arena in Los Angeles, California. The Arena is known for its electric atmosphere, and this will be a test of both boxers' ability to perform under pressure.

Live Updates

2:00 PM ET: The match is underway! Robinson and Ignatius are both off to a good start. Robinson has landed a few clean punches, while Ignatius has been effective with his jab.

2:15 PM ET: Robinson is starting to take control of the fight. He has landed some heavy punches, and Ignatius is starting to look a bit tired.

2:30 PM ET: Robinson has knocked Ignatius down! Ignatius is up on his feet, but he looks dazed.

2:45 PM ET: The fight is over! Robinson has won by knockout in the third round.


Winner: Steve Robinson (KO)

Runner-Up: Franklin Ignatius

Key Takeaways

  • Robinson was the more aggressive boxer, and he landed the more effective punches.
  • Ignatius showed some heart, but he was simply outmatched by Robinson.
  • The match was a great advertisement for boxing, and it showed that the future of the sport is in good hands.


Steve Robinson vs. Franklin Ignatius was a thrilling match that lived up to the hype. Robinson was simply too much for Ignatius, and he knocked him out in the third round. This match was a great reminder of why boxing is such a great sport.